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Real Life Tales From Firefighters. Explore crazy and incredible firefighter stories.

FIREFIGHTERS: Share your unbelievable firefighter experiences. For confidentiality reasons, you do not need to include your name or email. Any real life tale about your on the job firefighter experience can be shared here. You can be as detailed or as general as you want. This space is geared towards a mature audience.

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Internet Story
2 years ago

3am fire alarm activation. Upon arrival, a man is running out the front door with a TV! The alarm company reported a burglar alarm as a fire alarm. Luckily, police arrived the same time.

Internet Story
2 years ago


Almost all firefighters have experienced the cat stuck in a tree. Some more experiences from firefighters: A dog’s head stuck in a hole in a tree, a very large woman stuck in the mud and parachuters stuck in a tree.

Internet Story
2 years ago

Fake House Fire

Call at night from a lady who said her house was on fire. When firefighters arrived, the lady said her dog was trapped under its dog house, she said her house was on fire was because she didn’t think firefighters would come.

Internet Story
2 years ago

Woman Helped Stop Forest Fire With Frying Pan

A lady used a frying pan to carry water back and forth between the flames and a nearby pond in a wooded area, keeping the fire under control until crews arrived.

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